The Agents Club Photography Awards honors the craft of today’s outstanding image making from its members talented photographers, recognizing the most creative personal & commissioned work in Art, Fashion, Beauty, Still-Life & Interiors and Entertainment.

The 2020 introductory edition of The Agents Club Awards, celebrating the most creative photographic work of 2019 posted on social media have taken place during the course of five weeks, with each week unveiling the nominees for a specific Award.

the nominees

Over twelve thousand visuals posted on social media by the member agencies and their photographers during 2019 were reviewed by an anonymous panel of global industry professionals (creatives, editors, stylists, producers, art buyers, etc.) in order to pick the nominees in all categories. 

Each nominated photographer was entered to win the Jury Awards and/or the Readers’ Awards.

During the course of 5 weeks, from February 24 to March 30, the members of the jury, comprised of 25 celebrated industry experts, as well as more than four thousand registered readers of The Agents Club have been able to cast their vote for their favorite photographs in each category in order to win The Jury Awards and The Readers’ Awards.

the winners

The Jury Awards and The Readers’ Awards WINNERS were announced on April 2, 2020

the agents club

Founded in 2018 by Alexandre Orlowski and Wanda Orlowska, The Agents Club is the only platform dedicated to the most sought-after photo agencies worldwide and the exceptional image-makers they represent. Founding agency members include: 2b Management, Art Partner, Art + Commerce, CLM, Creative Exchange Agency, D+V Management, Management + Artists, mini title, The Collective Shift, Total Management among others.

Today, The Agents Club boasts over one hundred member agencies from New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Milan, Berlin and Stockholm and more than a thousand incredibly talented photographers, from industry icons to transgressive up-and-comers.

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