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Focus on our members rising talent nominated for THE AGENTS CLUB AWARDS: Marta Bevacqua, Alex Blonde, Felicity Ingram, Antoine & Charlie, Rebekah Campbell & Jai Odell.


Based in Paris and frequently travelling to stunning locations, Marta Bevacqua’s work speaks of adventure and complexities just beneath the surface. Her images are intriguing, fantastical and evocative; each one compelling the viewer to envision powerful stories.

In her first book ‘HER OUT THERE’, Marta represents women in different ways, playing with light, expressions, movement, props, and providing a visual narrative for each one.

Marta’s personal shot is nominated in the FRESH BEAUTY category.



Alex Blonde’s approach to photography is grounded in the unusual beauty of her characters and subjects who spread effortless authenticity. Her aesthetic is characterised by a playful, innocent and intriguing atmosphere, with the use of a warm palette, natural light tones and organic environment.

Alex’s personal shot is nominated in the FRESH BEAUTY category.



Over the past few years Felicity Ingram has become an established name in the beauty sector, known for her striking, highly polished images. Her technical perfection in lighting and composition, plus her attention to detail can be seen in the flawless – but also authentic – appearance of her subjects.

Felicity’s campaign for  M.A.C Cosmetics UK  is nominated in the BEAUTY CAMPAIGN category.



Antoine & Charlie are a duo of Paris-based beauty photographers and directors.
From their encounter was born a love story as well as a strong wish to create their aesthetic together. Behind the camera, they have a unique technicality and sensibility.

Antoine & Charlie’s personal shot is nominated in the FRESH BEAUTY category.



Based in New York, Rebekah Campbell is currently creating work on femininity and the brink of youth hood.
Her works explore the subject’s individuality as well as the effects of natural states while escalating the intimate narrative.

Rebekah’s editorial for HEROINE Magazine is nominated in the BEAUTY EDITORIAL-WOMEN category.


JAI ODELL [trbl mngt]

Based between New York and London, Jai Odell is fuelled by his love for unique beauty and ethnicities that are under-represented in the stereotypical beauty archetype.
He has developed a unique identity highlighted by a strong cinematic vision that explores our ideas of perfection.

Jai’s shot for MILK Makeup  is nominated in the BEAUTY-MEN category.