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 Tom Sloan is a photographer based in South London. Growing up in an industrial port city of Southampton, Tom began photographing and developing black and white prints. He photographed his environment and the kids he grew up with; his subject matter was always close to the world around him. 10 MEN GQ AUSTRALIA GQ AUSTRALIA  NICOMEDE GQ X MCM In University, Tom earned a BA Hons Degree in Photography, where he also achieved a First-Class Honours Degree and was awarded the The Christopher-Son Degree Award for a personal project he produced for his final year, titled, Journey Through Lithuania.  URBAN OUTFITTERS "COUNTRY" 10 MEN URBAN OUTFITTERS URBAN OUTFITTERS Tom's work is created through his personal approach with people, which allows him access subjects that are often inaccessible. He often photographs ‘real people‘ as well as models. 'COLLLUSION' 'COASTAL' 'COASTAL' EASTPAK 'NORFOLK' 'NORFOLK' Youth is a central theme that always runs through his work. “The idea of Youth was always something I was interested in; I like the excitement of being young as well… a more honest connection and a sense of confidence is what I look for in youth. » MILLAR "NEIGHBORHOOD" 10 MEN TEMPORARY TEMPLES NICOMEDE AT LARGE  TEMPLE Tom collaborates with magazines such as L'Uomo Vogue, Teen Vogue, V Man, 10 Men, GQ, GQ Australia, Temple and brands and designers including Nike, Lacoste, Urban Outfitters, Eastpak, Farfetch, Millar, and Nicomede. "GRAVEL PIT" "GRAVEL PIT" URBAN OUTFITTERS URBAN OUTFITTERS "SCHOOL PROM" JOYJAH BRIXTON Tom ensures a level of linearity throughout his work. Each project tells a different story, but the aesthetic ties each project together. He aims to apply an authenticity throughout, whether it is staged or happening right in front of him; it needs to feel believable. URBAN OUTFITTERS URBAN OUTFITTERS TEEN VOGUE  MOTUK FARFETCH MILLAR  V MAN

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